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Iran Heritage Tours
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A group of well-educated new generation, with the goal of reaching at Fraternity between Nations that results in Peace, has entered directly to the huge international market of tourism. Iran Heritage Tours group consists of different university classmates and colleagues, now friends who are living in different countries of the world. Of course, some of them live in Iran and are tourism activists and practitioners. People of this group; two of them live in Iran, two in Canada, in the States, UKAustralia, also in Sweden, Italy and Belgium, we have one colleague and two of our colleagues live in Austria. Our colleague interested in Iran is Tamara from Serbia who also lives there. Thanks to the internet technology, our knowledge in different domains, our experience with international tourists and tourism companies that allow us to keep in touch, have a team work, and have an affordable high quality supply chain in order to offer direct tourism services to end users and dear tourists. We glory in not being supported by any Govermental or State organization. We would like a free market and not exclusive one.

Our team consists of:

In USA: Amir Assadi
who used to live in Canada and after graduating in PhD got the post doctorate scholarship and now lives in US. He is a brilliant university professor who also spends his time for cultural activities like tourism. He is clearly familiar with tourism since he lives in the United States where the home of Hollywood and the birthplace of jazz is. As you know, US is the third country with the greatest cultural influence in the world. If you called him and there was no answer, we are sorry, maybe he is teaching on the university class!

In Canada: Fatemeh Davari who graduated from the best school of engineering in Iran that is called Sharif University. She continued her studies in tourism management in the level of master degree. She and her husband both are eco and cultural licensed tour guides. Almost 6 years ago they moved to Canada and are enjoying their life there. They are also cultural engineers of the Iran Heritage Tours group.

In UK: Samira Pishdadi lives in UK. She and her husband have moved to UK, the country that has given the world; Shakespeare, the theory of gravity and the World Wide Web. As you know UK is the country with the fifth greatest cultural influence on the world. She carries a master degree in English language teaching and is a really well known university lecturer in Iran. As a former lecturer and a cultural person she is a really nice member of Iran Heritage Tours group.

In Australia: Leila Sedaqat
from the historical and cultural city of Shiraz. She graduated in bachelor of engineering from the northern coastal city of Persian Gulf - Bushehr. She lives in Australia as an engineer in diverse environment and different states. Her passion in traveling, culture and history made her interested to get involved in tourism industry for introducing her country to the world. Being in a multicultural country like Australia and being involved in the society have allowed her have a good understanding of Australian travel destinations.

In Sweden: Mohadeseh Jafarimalek called Moa got her M.A. in Natural resource management from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), it was also her major in B.A. that she got in Iran. Clearly her interest was in eco-tourism in which she began her activities while being in Iran. She passed the related courses and became an eco-tour guide. After coming to Sweden and finishing studies, she became a member of visiting center and an eco-tour guide in Fulufjället national park located in mid-Sweden. Being with people and to be able to guide them through nature and its wonders is what Moa is passionate about. Her wonderful experiences with both Swedish and international tourists help our group to offer better qualitative services.

In Austria and Germany: Azam Yadollahi
has got her bachelor degree in Recounstruction of Aincient Monuments from Kerman Bahonar University. She helped the restoration of Mahan Prince Garden as her student project. She is a good painter that her paintings were bought by Kerman Int`l Pars Hotel and some non-Iranian tourists. As she lives in Austria and speaks German, it is our pleasure to be called by German Speakers who plan visiting Iran. Azam is a cultural well-educated German-speaking member of our group.

In Austria: Akram Yadollahi, lives in Austria, carries M.A. in Linguistics. Her B.A. is in Teaching English Language. She has worked as a tour guide for five years in Kerman Heritage Department. She speaks English and German languages. Since Akram has worked as a cultural tour guide in Iran and has experienced Austrian culture, she is confidently able to build bridges to connect dear tourists to Persian culture.

In Italy: Ali Rezaei  who after having graduated in bachalor of English language  and literature from Shiraz university in 2012, moved to Venice to study Italian philology and literature. He lives in Venice now, and furthure to his studies is also engaged in tourism activities both in Iran -by travelling there to accompany Italian groups throughout the country- and in Venice where is one of the world's most remarkable destinations. it's notable to say that he collaborates with several known Italian agencies like Maurizio levi.

In Belgium: Rana Nekoumanesh who has studied Art in the University of Tehran (UT). Since being in love with history, art, architecture and most importantly interact with the straight sociability relations between people, she made decision to become a cultural tour guide. She highly believes that tourism widens the horizon and allows her deeply embrace the culture.

In Serbia: Tamara Bikicki lives in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.  She graduated in European Economics and Business in Serbia.  Being one of the best students at the University of Novi Sad allowed her to travel with other fellow students all over Europe. She earned a master’s degree in Development Economics and International Cooperation from the University of Thor Vergata, Rome, Italy. During her time in Rome she developed a passionate interest in meeting new people around the world. She loves to travel and she never misses the opportunity to explore new countries, cultures and languages. After her travel to Iran, she found Iran as an extraordinary destination; then begun to cooperate with Iranheritagetours group.

In Iran: Azade Motavasel who carries a master degree in tourism planning management. She worked, as her thesis, on Creative tourism. The experiences of working as a member of staff in a tour company, working in eco-lodge houses of Yazd, running some virtual pages and networks has enabled her to manage Iranheritagetours group. She has a good command of English and Chinese languages.